By Nnonyelu Ruth Ifeyinwa

Talking about tolerance in a tone,  people may consider harsh, aggressive or my point of view is to me, cutting my nose to spiting my face. This writeup is for general consumption because the two keywords has a universally accepted meaning.

An incident occurred recently in a public gathering and the reaction of the individual concerned is relative to Zero tolerance, hence let's look at the dictionary meaning from Oxford

Tolerance is the willingness to accept somebody /something, especially opinions behaviors that you may not agree with or people who are not like you.

It's also the ability to suffer something, especially pain, different conditions, etc without being harmed. 

Please note that as long as your decision as a human being is not to retire to the woods or live in isolation but that you want to live as a social animal, which will demand your going to source for livelihood either as an employee, an employer or a sole proprietor. 

Whichever part you choose, you must meet people from different walks of life, who are bound by nature to either annoy, bounce on or piss you off. In fact some have the singular purpose of pushing you to the walls. The question is;

What will be your reactions? 
If you decide to quit the job, business or contract, you will keep quiting because for this life, "wahala no dey finish" 

Again if you decide to withdraw in isolation, depression sets in suicide might end up being the next option you're left with. Suddenly conclusions like "my village people are working" gains popularity. 

Consequently, Zero tolerance ;your policy of applying laws strictly on yourself or people so that people are punished for offences that are not very serious, has a greater percentage in leading to Depression that might murder you unnecessarily. 

However, the definition above connotes that Tolerance is relative to both people and things, that's the uniqueness of this concept, your ability to accommodate people's weaknesses without being harmed. You  know, everyone cannot be mad at the same time.

Dear readers, have you ever wondered if your Creator decides to adopt Zero tolerance towards you, maybe we would not have been created in the first place. 

Let's learn to tolerate people and situations, so as to live a happy life and have a stable mental health. Tolerance does not take away your integrity or principles as a person, it only allows you follow people or react to situations at their own level of understanding. You can only take a horse to the river, you cannot force it to drink from it. Remember you have excesses too and people tolerated and are still tolerating you, so say No to Zero tolerance, be tolerated, tolerate, be happy and live a stress free live.


  1. Nice write-up. Without learning how to tolerate everything round you seem annoying because can't condole behavior of people that might have provoking life styles and in this life everyone has different family breed or characters adopt while growing.


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