Get Your Purpose Right

In the Mad Rush Too?
Yes, if you’re not in the elevator at 40 you may not reach top floor, but get your purpose right first!

“He whose life has a ‘why?’ can bear almost any ‘how?’…” Friedrich Nietzsche

To some, life seem to be a cycle of great haste to reach somewhere or get something, which sometimes some seem to be confused at why exactly they are in such wild frantic hurry, since they clocked eighteen or even way before.

They grow from babies to children… They go to school, write tests and exams, graduate… join the long queues, get a job… fall in love or not, get married if necessary… make babies, start a family… pay their taxes and all, be responsible citizens… take care of their ageing parents, make room for visits and holidays… grow old… check out….

Everyone’s got a purpose for life. You’ve got a reason you’re here, if not you’re not qualified to live tomorrow. You may not know it today, if you seek to know your 'why?’ you’ll find out. You go to bed at night and wake up the next morning because of that purpose. 

If you find pleasure in rising from that bed every morning to an aimless near confusing running to and fro with other people in this life without your own reason of running, you’re giving life less and lesser reason to withdraw from you each day. Oh! no, you may not necessarily die, at least not yet till one day.

Where there is life there is hope. Hope is supplied because of that tangible purpose you’re living. The gradual withdrawal of life is the gradual withdrawal of fulfilment, inner peace, satisfaction and joy. These being the true meaning of living. If you have all the money and the positions and the fame in the whole world and you search your inner you but cannot find the italicized four, then you’re no better than a dead man. You’re just breathing, while he is decomposing.

Ever asked yourself what and why you should have accomplished in the next ten to fifteen years?

If you are not in the elevator at 40, you may not reach top floor till you breathe your last. This is true because you do not have forever to live, and most seriously you do not have forever to fulfil purpose. This is the reason why you have to get your purpose right early before you kick off in the life race.

How do I get my purpose right?
You do not ask your parents, they don’t know. “..que sera sera..” should come from mum at most.

You do not ask your pastor, he can’t say. He’s a creation running at his own pace, just like you.
If you are a creation, and a special one as it is said, then you should ask your Creator.

No manufacturer ever manufactured anything without a purpose. God has given every bit of His creation a reason to be in existence. Man, a being made in the form of Him (Genesis 1: 26–27) is of the highest value to God. 

He is the reason other creations came to being, while God is the reason man was created.

Want to know what you should be doing for God?, The answer is with only one Person, He who God has given all answers.

Do you want to know your value? Do you want to know your worth? Do you want to know your essence? and most importantly, do you want to know your purpose?
My next publication will tell you how to get your answers from this Person

Okon Godswill is a young Christian writer. She writes motivationally and inspirationally articles, write ups, quotes, and poems. She's also a music theory analyst and choral composer.


  1. Wonderful! This is a powerful write up for discovery of self purpose. I can't wait to see the other posts being released. God bless you greatly God'swill. More wisdom, more strength and more grace.


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