From Chibok to Dapchi, From Dapchi to Kankara, From Kankara to Kangara, From Kangara to Jangebe

By David Fidelis

Like seriously, where are we heading to in this country? I've been sweating inner profusely for my dear country Nigeria. 

Nigerians are daily expressing fears about the deterioration in their living conditions, the ubiquitous security challenges, the daily rise is the price of goods and services,  the crazy unemployment and the economic acrobatic 'shoki' dance. 

Since 2015, as if this government is made of the North, for the North and by the North. From Boko Haram, to herdsmen/farmers’ clash, armed banditry, kidnapping amongst others. 

To me, the present day government seem to be sick in mind, body spirit and soul. Because a government who who fails to protect lives and property of it's citizenry is a failed government. 
O! Goodness, what a country  presently driven apart by mutual distrust, religious bigotry, ethnic divisions and geopolitical differences. Every geopolitical setting seems to be taking its destiny by its own hands.

On Thursday, 25th of February, 2021,  317 students were kidnapped by the armed bandits in Government Girls Science Secondary School Jangebe.

It is a national tragedy that another Chibok was allowed to happen even when some of the abducted Chibok girls had not been accounted for.

In 2018, we had another spectacular mass kidnapping in another female academic institution in Dapchi, Yobe state.  Dapchi was not known to me and many Nigerians until 2018.

In December 2020, more than 300 boys were kidnapped from a school in Kankara ,in President Muhammadu Buhari’s home state of Katsina, while he was visiting the region.

Fast forward to 2021, just last week , 42 people were taken by a gang from a boys school in  Kangara, nearby Niger state.

The trend has been from Chibok to Dapchi, from Dapchi to   Kankara, from Kankara to Kangara, from Kangara  to Jangebe and who knows where next?

While the Chibok, Dapchi, Kankara and Kangara incidents drew global news headlines the present frightening episode in  Jangebe has brought Nigeria another round of slap and opprobrium at home and abroad.

Pikin wey go strong go strong.... No be say until dem name am Samson. 
When President Muhammadu Buhari was campaigning in 2015, after three failed consecutive attempts, to be elected President  of Nigeria,  he was convinced as many Nigerians did of his tested capacity to bring about change to a system -- then perceived to be broken and rotten in the hands my much respected President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

 Through the All Progressives Congress (APC) coalition he had presented his manifesto to our people harping on re-establishing security, revamping the economy and providing employment for the teeming jobless youths among us.  six three years down the line, all we've seen could best be described by me as retrogression or stagnation. 

Government is on its own. The people are on their own. Protests have become an everyday event. Altercations upon altercations, accusations and counter-accusations everywhere. The disconnections across the country have become too weaponised, threatening the very foundation of the country. How did I find myself in this country at the first instance? O! My goodness!

Certainly, I know that posterity would never forget to remember the actions  or inactions of our leaders toward  terrorism and their numerous exploits nationwide.

The government always claims to be concerned about insurgency but people involved in this acts have never been brought to book. How do we intend to stop insecurity when anyone can just enter a village, kill people, burn houses and go scot-free?

The public must rise to assist the government in the fight against insurgency by providing useful and helpful information without fear of been exposed at their detriment.

The Nigeria military and other security agencies must get cracking by doing the job for which they are remunerated.
Government at all levels must rise up to it's constitutional responsibilities by protecting lives and property of it's people.

I rest my Case!!

Fidelis David is a Journalist and a Feature Writer. (

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