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2023: Alex Ajipe, The right man for the Senate

Anyone who hastily read through the background and giant strides of Dr. Alexander Oluremi Ajipe would think it is a story of a president or ...

Anyone who hastily read through the background and giant strides of Dr. Alexander Oluremi Ajipe would think it is a story of a president or governor of a first world state, not knowing it is all about an illustrious and loyal son of the soil of Ondo State who is just growth and development drunk. 

One now wonders, what if such person becomes a senator, governor or president? We should then be talking about a first world entity emanating in his hands.

Dr. Alex has been a household name in Ondo State not by virtue of some sort of circus show or entertainment programm but by virtue of his contribution towards the socio-economic development of the state, his high level of intellectual altruism and academic impeccability. 

Dr Alex is a triangular success who has hitherto distinguished himself in the academia, leadership, business and personal life inclusive. It's therefore for consequential to root for this beast of growth and development.

Considering his penchant for academic excellence, he has over the years gave out scholarships and bursaries to Ondo students, including the provision of free summer coaching programme for youths.

As a seasoned professional with matchless business acumen, he has created employment for Ondo state indigenes and facilitated safe loans to persons and bodies with the aim of boosting economic development of the state.

As an Industrialist, he facilitated the establishment of many industries of many industries in the present Ondo, notable amongst which include;
WeWood Limited, which specializes in production of Plywood, Ethanol, and Agro chemicals, Africa First Automobile Assembly Plant of Dong Feng Motors, a dairy plant in the Ondo Linyi Industrial hub, WinWin Textile, a first of its kind in the southern part of Nigeria.

To mention but a few.

Many of the aforementioned investments contributed to the increment and boosting of the Ondo State Internal Generated Revenue (IGR), a historic one to be specific. This and others makes him one of the most sought after investment expert domestically and internationally.

It's therefore needless to speak the tongue of Eloi Eloi Lama sabachtani when God has given us Dr ALEX OLUREMI AJIPE. AJIPE is here to halt the tongue of mene, mene, tekel, upharsin.

It's long over due, the KABIYESIs, The Chiefs, The Young/Adult, The Indigenes/Non-indigenes, The Artisans, The Orphans, and various groups in Ondo North are thirsty of good leadership. It's therefore imperative for him to declare his intention to run for Senate in our dear Senatorial District on or before February. If he fails to do it, we will get the nomination form and declare his intention to run.

Concerned Ondo North Youth

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