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This is Ikakumo Cashew processing Industry which Senator Boroffice handlers are making a lot of noise about as forming part of his achieveme...

This is Ikakumo Cashew processing Industry which Senator Boroffice handlers are making a lot of noise about as forming part of his achievement in 12 years. 

As the DG in 2019, we held meetings with the good people of Isowopo 2 in Akoko NE and promised them that the factory will be inaugurated within one year of swearing in for 3rd term and 200 people will get both direct and indirect employment, it was on that basis that the people voted us enmass. 

Prince George Niyi of blessed memory who was the Leader and President of Isowopo Assembly was on this issue until he died. He called our Senator more than 100 times without his number being picked by our Senator and each of the time, the man will also call me.

 I went to the Senator and reminded him about the promise but he choose to ignore me and later totally blank me out saying I am disturbing him about his promises.

At a time, Prince George Niyi before he died called  to warned me to stay away from the Senator as he may stain my political carrier when the man became frustrated. 

This is 3 years after that promise, nothing is happening. This is a factory that its construction started in 2014. 

The money has been collected and It has been abandoned and yet these people are claiming it to be an achievement of a 12 years Senator!

These people started attacking my person instead of bringing up issues. They are now planning both spiritual and physical attack and I learnt they have recruited some thugs to do the dirty job. 

I am what I am based on God and my integrity and it was that integrity that worked for the Senator in 2019 when Ondo North People said they will not vote for him the 3rd time and the Senator wanted to rubbish it by not fulfilling the promises he made to the People in all the 72 wards of Ondo North that we visited to campaign during that time. 

I am not afraid of anyone as long as I have a clear conscience and what I am after is good deal for the good People of Ondo North. 

Alaso funfun ki un duro ti elepo, eni ti o un gbe inu mi ju gbogbo aye lo 

12 years is enough, O to gee!

Explanatory Note.

The first set of pictures with building is the Ikakumo Cashew Industry that has been commissioned on paper and inside their "Audio Achievement Album" while the second set of pictures is my sms exchanged with Prince George Niyi, the President of Ikakumo  Assembly during his life time. Truth is constant and facts don't lie.

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