Ipinsagba media team lacks care, failure to honor promises -- Bashorun Adefemi

Ondo North Senatorial District,
Ondo State.

Dear Sir,


I am writing this letter to inform you of my resignation as member of the Pastor Jide Ipinsagba Media Team (PJI MEDIA TEAM) with immediate effect.

Unfortunately, I am resigning due to some unsatisfying factors and challenges rocking the media team, bothering from negligence,lack of care and failure to honor promises,which is against the preaching of our great party,the APC.

I am not pleased at the injustice and lack of integrity to honor ones words and promises of the party Senatorial candidates and those saddled with the responsibilities of coordinating the media office of his campaign.

Recall that,on the 26th of September,2022, a seminar was held for the media teams in a hotel in Akure. A 2 days working summit that see us taking care of our accommodation and feeding by ourselves, except the final day that we were given slices of yam.

Promised was made that immediately after the summit, tools will be released only for us to be given a folder bag and an Amotekun alike T-shirt with Face cap. This is ridiculous.

Since then till date, nothing was heard until recently when we were told that the Senate Candidate has channel the money meant for the media team to wrong media team or wrong set of people. But one will wonder,why he didn't took the wrong set of people to Akure for Media summit last year.

Throughout the festivity period, nothing was done to encourage the media team but only for the media director to be threatening to disengaged the members of the group anytime they challenge the status quo,even when nothing is coming as a reward and no hope of any.

For a man to dim it fit not to honor his words,I think it against my ideology and principle of life to be wasting my time and resources to promote such a man whose word can't stand the test of time.

It is high time I stop pretending and speak up,cause many people will not ceased from asking me for help believing I and many other media teams are on payroll of the Pastor Jide Ipinsagba. 

A leader should be able to honor his words and uphold the pillar of Truth in which is lacking in the setting up of the PJI MEDIA TEAM.

For the records, I remain a bonafide APC member and all the party candidates are my candidates,but I found it a honor to quit the Hallelujah boys of PJI cause,it is Crystal clear that even if he won, the workers will all labor in vain,as the BAMBOO DEY WORK MONKEY DEY CHOP mentality they've used to start the work will set in afterwards,as some selected few will be at the receiving ends to receive the reward.

I quit.

Bashorun Adefemi
Ward 4,Agba Ọkà.
JANUARY 3rd, 2023.

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