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Nigerians should expect interim government in 2023 --Prophet Julius Gbenga Rufus

Prophet(Dr) Julius Gbenga Rufus of Christ Apostolic Church, Oke Oluwagbamila in Akure, the Ondo state capital has urged Nigerians to pray fe...

Prophet(Dr) Julius Gbenga Rufus of Christ Apostolic Church, Oke Oluwagbamila in Akure, the Ondo state capital has urged Nigerians to pray fervently to avert evil in this new year 2023.

He made known at the cross over night service into the new year at the Church Auditorium on Sunday.

Prophet Julius Gbenga Rufus while mapping out things to happen in the new year 2023, gave some prophecy around the Politics, Education, economy among others. 

He said "2023 is a year of total confusion;bloodshed; hardship; unemployment chaos; killings difficulty crisis, fire disaster protest; 

(2) A massive shake-up in the para-military forces which would bring about retirement of officers;service chiefs is imminent 

(3)Kerosine;Gas and Petrol will bite harder and cost more 

(4)Pass-port will cost more 

(5)The 4th Republic will be a messy and fruitless exercise 

(6)Many top military officers will lose their jobs and many will die in the process of struggle for power 

(7)Another chief of General staff and Chief of defence staff will be re-appointed (8)Election will hold 

(9)All the 57 political parties will be dissolved (10)All the 57 political parties leaders will be sacked and disgraced

(11)A new INEC will be named and re-constituted 

(12)INEC chairman will be disgraced and removed 

(13)An extension of the transition programme are also seen 

(14)Nigeria will have at least 3 president between February 1st - 1st December 2025 

(15)No meaningful election will however take place in Nigeria in 2023 

(16)Election date will be shifted from Fehuary 26-.  

(17)New political parties will emerge (Nigeria should expect an interim government) 

(18)The next president is going to be a Christian 

(19)A Yoruba man 

(20)But not Ahmed Bola Tinuba

(21)From south west 

(22)From one of the state that starts with letter "O" 

(23)Many universities will be closed down 

(24)The presidential;Governorship and senatorial elections will pose another joker and there will be annulment upon annulment which will bring the nation to square one 

(25)The Government will still have problems with the out side world.There will be more international;economic and polical sanctions against Nigeria which will severely worses the nation's isolation and adverse economy. 

(26)Religious;ethnic;pro-democracy and students crisis would paralyse the Government 

(27)Rising incidents of armed robbery and hired killings will make life miserable in 2023 

(28) Typhoid fever;malaria will kill many people 

(29)New ambassadorial postings to foreign station will be announced 

(30)The federal executive council will split into factions 

(31)APC;Pdp and Labour parties will split into factions and would become impotent 

(32)Two plane crashes will occur and the military and civilian will beostly affected

(33)All the ministers will be changed 

(34)Exiled members will come back home

(35)I forsee Nigeria boomering again;I saw war that can not be curtail, Many houses/shops/offices/vehicles/governor's offices will be burnt into ashes 

(37)There will be a lot of killings every where (38)Twelve great musicians will die

 (39)Twelve great men of God will die 

(40)Three very useful big wigs in Nadeco/Afenifere will die

(41)Twelve great comedians will die 

(42)Professor Yemi Oshibajo chances of becoming the president of the federal republic of Nigeria is very bright 

(42)Nnamdi Kanu will be released 

(43)Sunday igboho will be released

(44)Both of them will be given options;should the turn the options they should be asked to face the courts which will try them for treason or be killed 

(45) Three coups are also seen in Africa;the coup will be bloody 

(46)The creature of heaven and Earth says He has arrived in Nigeria with it's wrath and the wrath will shake the country to her pillars;even the leaders;past and present and the general masses share from the wrath 

(47)The extension of the handing over date will cause furore for the country's external image 

(48)There is going to be a lot of political crisis;corruption and polical instability and religious acrimony 

(49)Business and employment fortunes of many will be paralysed 

(50)Armed robbers will be on the increase 

(51)Students in rest via cult practice;campus ritual killings and kidnapping will be rampant  

(52)Relious riots will occur in mostly all the parts of Nigeria (53)Lost of lives and properties will be common (54)Frequent fire out breaks Is manifested in 2023 

(55)Workers and students will crumble in protest 

(56)Many people will loose their live especially the future hope of Nigerians 

(57)Prices of goods shall escalate with transport fares and economic hardship will hit many states of the federation 

(58)Many Parastatals eg police;army;Nigeria Air port authority, Nigeria Airways;Custom, etc will be re-organised 

(59)I saw bloody clashes (60)A great revolution never before known to this part of the world was shown to me.The Lord said if this revolution is allowed to take place none of the actors in the political scene of this country both military and civilian past and present will survive it, it will be a great revolution and blood she'd;it will be sword after sword and man after man

 (61)C.B.N will witness a re-organisation 

(62)Nigeria should pray against two 
battles (a)Revolution (b)Secession 

(63)APC will win Lagos State 

(63)PDP will win Akwabom state 

(64)Nigeria will experience the worst e very economic hardship this year 

(65) There will be no democratic government untill the year 2025 

(66)There will be more political problems 

(67)No democratic government will be installed in 2023 (68)Buhari is advised to pray that he leaves office honourably 

(69)He may be forced to vacate his office

(70)Another fuel crisis is imminent 

(71)Many more drug Barron's and international fraudsters will be exposed 

(72)Many that loose hope of child bearing shall receive the grace. 

(73)Members of FEC should pray against loosing three of their members 

(74)Almost 1;500 prominent citizens will die before the end of the year 2023 

(75)Many politicians will flee the country because of the election 

(76)Those who use gas to cook should be extra careful;if care is not taken many industries and  residence will be engulfed in fire through gas explosion

 (77)An NNPC gas plant shall explode 

(78)Another sickness worst than the dreaded aid;Ebola;corola is on the way

 (79)Prices of building materials will continue to hit the roof 

(80)Cocoa and coffee prices will rise (81)Road accidents will be common 

(82)Cover prices of news papers will increase as a result of inflation 

(83)Students crisis will be common in Owo, Akungba, Oye, Unilag, OAU, Unijos, Abu,Ibadan, Futa, Uniben 

(86)Those that are destroying country shall be destroyed says the  Lord of host 

(87)Refinery will be closed down indefinitely 

(88)There will be shake up in the police;mass transfer for Area commanders DPO's 

(89)Buhari's exit will not be pleasant 

(90)The government of the Nigerian nation is by a divine intervention;no ballot boxes;no elections;no electorates 

(91)A-list Politician will die 

(92)We should expect more confusion that will lead to the emergence of another government 

(93)Another new political party will be formed 

(94)All this parties will fade away 

(95)The last days of Buhari will be worse than the last days of Abachas administration 

(96)APC regime will become useless and collapse because it has no file in heaven 

(97)Formation of National government8 imminent 

(98)I forsee new Nigeria 

(99)The first three days of every month  should be declared as public holidays for all Nigerians to fast and pray for the nation's 

(100)Another political transition will be in this year but  the next election will end abruptly.

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