Mischievous allegations against Babajide Adefowora is baseless --- UK Police, Group

Following a criminal allegation planned against  Mr Adekoya Babajide Adefowora by rumors mongers with treasonous characters,a Police authority at the United Kingdom has reacted over what it classified as mischievous, unfounded information and dastard act, calling on the general publics to discard it totally.

This was as United Kingdom Nigerian- based elite group, Justice for all also condemned the mischievous information 

A police source in the United Kingdom clarified that Mr Babajide Adekoya Adefowora and one Deborah Oyeniyi are not guilty of the offence leveled against them and that all thier seized properties have been returned back to them. 

He condemned the act of misleading information in some part of the media saying " They are involved in any fraud whatsoever, so, debunk any information about their arrest."

Also, United Kingdom Nigerian- based group through its spokesperson, Abiodun Ariyo in his official statement released via his twitter handle on Saturday warned Nigerians to always verify and consult widely before disseminating any information received from any quarter,. 

He explained that Mr Babajide Adekoya Adefowora a London-based Nigerian and a lady jointly received a consignment to be delivered in Nigeria where illegal item was secretly kept inside the parcel by suspected Internet fraudsters.

An international business tycoon stressed that the duo were nabbed and detained for less than a month by London authority and immediately got released  after being vindicated upon investigation that it was a setup,contrary to some speculations and  procrastination expelling by some mischief makers.

According to him,"I can defend Babajide with what he had as an experience. He had a DPD franchise and a work colleague of hes set him up. He put some items in his van without his knowledge whist goods and items were being loaded into the van. 

On getting to where I and my co worker was meant to deliver some items, We met the police there and was questioned about the items. We made it known to them that We knew nothing about it. 

 The colleague who set Babajide up has since been AWOL and vanished. So Babajide and his co-worker was both detained not for 1 month pending the investigation and after the investigation was over, they had to pay a Fine and the case got closed". Abiodun Ariyo stated

Mr Abiodun Ariyo further maintained that, Mr Babajide Adekoya Adefowora is a generous man has never involved in any criminal activity that can lead to his trial but rather his legitimate business.

He also described Mr Babajide Adekoya Adefowora as an influencer, antedote to human problems who always shows actions  towards the welfare of his people home and in diaspora including widows and less privileged 

Ariyo however urged the general public to disregard any mischievous information flying about the new media that Mr Babajide Adekoya Adefowora was arrested and detained for fraud

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