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Ondo South: Jimoh Ibrahim's Endorsement by Olugbo represents victory

By Kehinde Ayochris Nobody in a town can genuinely love a town than the traditional ruler who knows that his reign in the town expires with ...

By Kehinde Ayochris

Nobody in a town can genuinely love a town than the traditional ruler who knows that his reign in the town expires with his own soul in the land.

It is no more news that Olugbo of Ugbo kingdom and all monarchs in Ikale nations endorsed the APC candidate, Ondo South Senatorial district, Dr Jimoh Ibrahim OFR, CFR as the only candidate that remains undoubtedly competent with high  intellectual Quotient, leadership skills and unflappable academic inclination to deliver quality representation in Ondo South.

It is clear that no candidate is wealthy enough to induce monarch's for endorsement especially, His Imperial Majesty, Oba Fredrick , the Olugbo of Ugbo who is the richest king in Nigeria and the second richest king in the whole fifty two countries in the continent of Africa.

There is an adage that says " mystery that can't be revealed to a child upon the projection  of his neck, it is in the pocket of an elder". Our monarchs know that we are in a crucial time and that this is the time to take decisions that will determine the times to come . 

One major reason Dr Jimoh Ibrahim CFR of APC is a pointer to where people of Ondo South should vote is that politics at the Senate favours candidates that are well grounded and Dr Jimoh Ibrahim particularly fits into that picture. He is the only candidate with the right mix and blend of academic qualifications, exposure and experiential knowledge which the dynamics and permutation of the politics of the Senate can't push aside as we all know that nobody can be a successful lawmaker without being brilliant and fluent with usage of words .

Dr Jimoh Ibrahim has two National honours OFR and CFR which will make him a chairman of a committee at the 10th Senate.

Now that the "jungle is getting matured" and it is clear that Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu will be the next president of Nigeria, Dr Jimoh Ibrahim as the Deputy Director of Finance, Presidential Campaign Council of his party will no doubt leverage on this ionic bond to restore electricity and empower people of Ondo South Senatorial District.

A vision for a better Ondo South is not just a picture of what could be without having a visionary representative with  bold  ideas  and connection to leverage on to restore electricity and empower youth in our senatorial district, it is about our resolve as a people to vote wisely for a man who has declared his intention to rewrite the wrongs and birth a great Ondo South if given the opportunity.

If we want  rainbow in our Senatorial district, we need to put up the rain by canvassing people for the victory of the APC candidate ,Ondo South Senatorial district, Dr Jimoh Ibrahim CFR

Support and be ready to vote for Dr Jimoh Ibrahim CFR.

Aseyori 2023: A better Ondo South is certain

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