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Ondo 2024: Wale Akinterinwa and His Matchless Leadership Qualities

In our bid to elect the next Ondo state number one helmsman, it is foremost to make the collective decision in tune with the good qualities ...

In our bid to elect the next Ondo state number one helmsman, it is foremost to make the collective decision in tune with the good qualities the aspirant possesses. Mr. Wale Akinterinwa is a personality whose many leadership qualities are unmatched and first-rate.

Without any iota of doubts, Wale Akinterinwa is faithful as he, overtime, fulfilled every obligation he ever undertook. His words have always been his bonds and everyone who has had cause to cross path with him attests to this. He is a man who has shown mastery from his education, career and offices held with awe-inspiring performances.

One who is loyal and steadfastly maintains ties with his principal and subordinates. Mr. Akinterinwa loves good jokes, yet, his sense of humor is never mean-spirited nor designed to malign or humiliate, rather tilted towards lifting spirits, with ever cheerful disposition that endears him to all and sundry. He is a man whose public personality is in tandem with his real personality without any make-believe. 

The APC governorship hopeful is committed to any assignment he takes up and it's spot-on to state he's a workaholic who is greatly experienced professionally married with astute political sagacity and shrewdness.

Despite the barrage of tantrums and campaign of calumny from detractors, Wale Akinterinwa, has continued to preach peace and unity which exemplifies him as a quintessence of apostle for peace and development. His camp has been displaying sportsmanship as there has never been any record of ethnic or political slur against political opponents, and there has never been a record of flagrant disregard for the rule of law.

Wale Akinterinwa has remained steadfast and dogged in the discharge of his duties and bringing the dividends of democracy to the door- step of the good people of Ondo state. 

His unflinching loyalty to the current administration attests to the level of his committment just as he has never hidden his ambition and vision as a successful politician rising to prominence by providence. 

He is a man of the people whose popularity and acceptance keep rising daily despite flagrant lies and propaganda from naysayers and nonconformists. A one-for-all politician, astute grassroots mobilizer, a political collosus with dazzling prowess of political organizing.

By God's grace and with the people, Wale Akinterinwa will bear the mandate and the sun shall continue to shine in Ondo state.


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