Why Christians need to be humble --- Pst Sam Ajayi

By Olu Olalekan, Owo

Christians have been urged to see humility as something worthy to emulate from the life of Jesus Christ 

Pastor Samuel Olu Ajayi of Mountain of Fulfillment, Owo made this known while speaking to the children of God on the topic "The Sacrificial life of Jesus" at the church auditorium on Sunday

Ajayi, taking the text from Philippians 2 vs 5-12 speaks about how Jesus Christ Humbled himself and became obedient unto death 

Below are the excerpt


 “Humility is when you don’t see yourself better than anyone, it is when you have sincere respect for someone in his presence and absence, It is realizing that all you have is given unto you by God”

“Humility is not when youre religious, weak, gentle, looking dirty, Incompetence, bowing down or kneeling down for people, 

“Every child of God must Imbibe in the character of God, especially HUMILTY”

“If Pride is presently in your life, please pray to God for help, ” 

"To resist means to fight, God is contending with every proud Man.” 

Red flags that indicates Pride

“1. Do you always seek for first position 
2. Did you always want your name to be mentioned
 3. Did you always praise yourself 
4.  Did you like competing with others”
“5. Do you always want promotion at the detriment of Others 
6. Did you always display anger often 
7. Did you think you are better than anyone 8. Did you always talk down on others”

Benefit of Humility

1. Divine Assistance 
2. More grace and help of God 
3. Intimacy with God 
4. You will be useful to God and People
5. Access to Divine Secret 
6. God will approve you 
7. You will last in life and in your Career’ 

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